New Song of the Creatures

"Be polite" Saint Francis
asked of brother fire
before the doctors burnt his eyes
trying to cure him

This is the new song of the creatures

Brother sun scorches us, the moon freezes,
fire burns us, our brother men go up in the air
in time to the bombs.
Stars are precious but they also explode.
Water floods our homes
and drowns our loved ones.
The polluted air is our cancer

I think that creatures and their Maker
want us to wake up from a dream
and smiling they say:
"The Universe isn´t so,
you aren´t the measure of everything,
you aren´t the measure of yourselves"

Praised be then all beings
and their Maker who throw us
and call us to a new light,
the light of old, that our eyes,
only thinking of ourselves,
don´t let us see

"You aren´t your body, you aren´t your mind,
be all this, be what you really are":
this is the song that I hear the Lord
and his Universe whisper
this sweet autumn morning.
And before the great avalanche of beings
coming towards us
inviting us to join
this universal morning,
paraphrasing Saint Francis,
I think the time has come
not to beg things for mercy,
but to welcome them and receive them
saying: "It´s time I was kind to you"